Monday, 6 April 2015

Quick Fun For Kids !!

Hey All,

I wanted to tell you all about this quick fun thing I did for my kids and it kept then quite fir hours!!!

I went on google images and typed in the name of any character the children wanted ( at the moment it is all Marvel !!!) and after the character I added "colouring in", and found lots of different pictures for them.

I copied these into a word document and made them as close as I could to A4 size.

then just printed them off. This kept my kids quite for about 2 hours which is enough time for the tidying up and the have a relaxing cup of tea lol !!!

let me know if you try this out and tell me which characters you chose !!

Bye for now xx

Monday, 16 March 2015

Schedule Sorted !!

Hey All,

I thought for my first official post I would tell you about my schedule !!

I will be posting on this blog every Monday, it may increase over time but for now it will only be Mondays!!!

If you want me to do any blog posts just contact me and let me know and I will check them out for you.

so don't forget to come back next Monday to check out my first crafting post.

See you soon.

bye for now xx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Back for Good !!!!!

Hey All,

I know I keep coming and going, but this time it is final.

I have finally got my house sorted we are moved in.

My first official post will be in the next few days, keep a lookout for that !!!!!

I am sooo glad to be back I will be posting on here regularly once I have sorted a routine I will let you all know. 

Don't forget to check out my other 2 blogs, Colourful World of Beauty, which is, as you can tell lol, all about Beauty & Colourful World of Life which is about anything and everything that is not crafting and beauty.

Bye for now xx

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Posts to come

Hey there,

I know I haven't really posted on here much, but I am just coming on to let you know what is going on, I am currently still waiting for my new house to be liveable.
Once it is ready I will be making regular posts on all the DIY things I will be doing round my house to decorate it to my liking. 
I will also be doing posts on crafts I do with my children.

Hopefully this won't be too long away.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Hey There,

I have decided to start a blog dedicated to the craft world,

Since becoming a mum 4 years ago I have got addicted to crafting, both with my children and by myself,

I will be putting posts on here of project you can do by yourself and other posts which are child friendly,

I will be taking a few weeks to get this blog sorted and looking exactly the way I want it. After I have Settled with everything and getting all my blogs in order and making sure my other Youtube Channel all running good, I will be starting a Youtube Channel dedicated to crafting.

I hope you will all enjoy this journey with me.

Bye xXx